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La Bañeza Gastronomy.

La Bañeza Gastronomy offers a host of dishes that can be tasted in any of the many restaurants in our city.
La Bañeza-style Beans and Frog’s Legs are the flagship dishes and those our cuisine is identified with outside our borders.
"Frog’s Legs" have become the king dish, the main delicacy par excellence, the main axle that moves the whole La Bañeza culinary gear, standing on top of the culinary ladder for its rarity and delicacy. Its success is due to the fact that this dish retains all its origins , both in the ingredients used in the preparation of its traditional red sauce, based on olive oil, salt, lard, paprika and some other secret condiment that distinguishes each restaurant , and in the containers in which it  is prepared and served, the typical earthenware casserole.

Download Frog’s legs recipe (PDF).

As for our famous and recognized beans, which are protected by PGI La Bañeza- León Beans, they can be tasted savouring the traditional-style La Bañeza Beans or in the most sophisticated dishes of nouvelle cuisine where they show that their adaptability in cuisine is endless.
Regarding our sweets and confectionery, the existing sweet shops   in the town make a wide range of delicious specialties among which we will highlight the following:
At carnival, we can enjoy "Orejas" (“Ears"), "Dominós de Carnaval" (“Carnival Dominoes “), or "Caretas" ("Masks") traditionally eaten at this time of the year.
Just before Holy Week is celebrated, “Bollos de San Lázaro" (" San Lazaro Buns“) are available, the oldest product of homemade La Bañeza confectionery.
Already at Holy Week “Sugar Roasted and Salted Almonds" appearin the shop windows of the sweet shops next to the bottles of "La Bañeza Lemonade " made in a clay pot, based on wine, sugar, raisins, figs, lemon, cinnamon stick and any other baker’s secret, a mixture that is left to macerate for several days before it is ready to strain and serve.
On All Saints´ Day the delicious "Buñuelos" (“Fritters”) appear , they are filled with cream and fried in the best olive oil as well as “Saint’s Bones” (filled rolls of marzipan).
With Christmas "Turrón"(“Almond Nougat”) comes, where variety is endless as each confectioner makes an effort to personalize their preparations.
In addition to seasonal sweets, throughout the year we can eat the most popular specialties out of our lands, such as "Imperiales", exquisite dessert if there ever was one, where almond marks flavour, " San Blas Pastries ", the fine “Toasted Egg Yolks”, "Besitos" ("Little Kisses") with coconut flavour, chocolate and honey "Truffles" or chocolate and almond "Angélicas" linking to that chocolate tradition that has always existed in our town.
To close this section we want to highlight a very old custom which still lingers among La Bañeza families, this endearing habit is "La Cuelga". On birthdays or saint’s days, family or friends tie all kinds of chocolates and candies to a bright-coloured ribbon, which in a moment of inattention is slipped over the head of the person being honoured to wish that person happiness.


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